Sunday, January 31, 2010

NZ Superstocks Kihikihi Day 1


The only thing that could really ruin this meeting was going to be the weather. Such was the preparation that you couldn't help but be impressed in the transformation of the Kihikihi speedway. Constant postings on Macgors re costs, competitors, format, ticketing and anything else (take a bow Greg M and the rest of the team) that it just seemed incredibly unfair as you looked at the state of the track surface after the first practice run had finished. Unfortunately the weather had done its bit pre-meeting and no amount of first aid was going to reverse it. In fact the track became the dominant factor and talking point on what otherwise would have been a well run qualifying night.

Fortunately for me I happened to see a mate of mine in the Michelin corporate tent and was able to enjoy the meeting in corporate style along with 23k Rick Taylor, Graeme 'Mintie' Mead (who ate the fastest meal I've ever seen - well he was a busy man Im guessing) and Bruce Robertson amongst others during the course of the night. I could get well used to this style of speedway, quite a turnaround from my usual hotdog and chips on the grass bank. The set-up was first class and a credit to whoever organised this side of things. I am always available to test out this feature at any future meetings and I do it voluntarily at NO CHARGE so just thought I would mention that.

A few of the big names we all expected to qualify fell pretty early, 55r FWJ and 591p Wayne Hemi of course, although firm favourites like 7p, 52p, 72p and the reigning 1, 2 + 3nz made the cut. 85h Wade looked the most impressive and a few dark horses getting through to what will be a very exciting final 26. I loved the fact the 95p Clive Elliot got through comfortably and a couple of surprises in 19r, 10b and 24h Warren Burkhart winning a runoff with local hope 6k Kerry Remnant. Also of note was 7n Craig Boote who looked very capable of adding that 4th NZ title to his name...

The Kihikihi website will have all the results and points of the first night that you need and as I write this the forecast for tomorrow is looking a bit grim (damn that weather) so it's all a bit up in the air as to what will happen. Cross your fingers for a break in the rain and give the club their chance to shine because its obvious they have done the hard yards.

Meeting rating : 6.5/10

UPDATE: Day 2 of this meeting has been rescheduled for February 27th, start time of 5pm.

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