Saturday, November 28, 2015

Huntly Opening Meeting / WP Practice

Here are a few photos from the opening at Huntly Speedway which was the fireworks meeting resulting in the gates being shut and a full house. Also a few shots from earlier in the day at the final practice for Waikaraka Park.

 photo 01 7h_zpsnhczrwfk.jpg
 photo 01 kihikihi cars_zpsuyulppp1.jpg
 photo 2nz Mod_zpsrwjnudaq.jpg
 photo 1 tank_zpscf1wwmwg.jpg
 photo 1crowd_zpsxl85t7nb.jpg
 photo 01 47m_zpsq9syyf6i.jpg
 photo 01 42a fox_zpsng09ihvh.jpg
 photo 01 11h_zps6kaavcom.jpg
 photo 1 stockcars_zpsbt8cu4dx.jpg
 photo 11h_zpsoq1kbvpb.jpg
 photo 13h_zpsqdxiqnzn.jpg
 photo 49r_zpsrixhpsvb.jpg
 photo 981r_zpsyrumcopv.jpg
 photo 97h mod_zps6zmgd69i.jpg
 photo 78r oldie_zpsxda8ezg2.jpg
 photo 95a 1_zpspmigxoj5.jpg

 photo 1 Grandstand_zpscxrr4o7i.jpg
 photo 01 96a saloon_zpsz9e0z2mw.jpg
 photo 01 75a_zpsdbek7iqa.jpg
 photo 01 15r_zpszdbigcal.jpg
 photo 9a Streety_zpslmnixg7u.jpg

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2015-16 Stockcar Teams Update 1

The first taste of Stockcar teams racing has come early with the Eve of Destruction event at Eastern States Speedway two weeks ago. Four teams took part and the final placings were Canterbury Crushers 350pts, Tasman Thunder 310, Eastern States Titans and KB Cowboys both tied on 255. The Mainland Teams event at Woodford Glen and the first defence of the Rees Shield at Oceanview took place last weekend with the Pumas taking the win and the home advantage for future challenges. KB Cowboys won at Woodford Glen defeating the Tasman Thunder in the final. The Southland Spartans made their first appearance representing Invercargill's Riverside Speedway. The Huntly Teams event this weekend is the next big event on the calendar, weather permitting...

 photo KBs Cowboys_zpsrf64oujq.jpg
 photo Tasman Thunder_zpsnipvnws3.jpg
 photo Southland Spartans_zpsq2do71yv.jpg
 photo Eastern States Titans_zpswzairvhh.jpg
 photo Canterbury Crushers_zpscknijxjm.jpg
Photos courtesy of Mike Dixon

 photo Pumas v Vulcans_zps1xncie7z.jpg
 photo Pumas Rees Shield_zpsghvrmit6.jpg
Photos courtesy of Stockcarscene Wal Joines

 photo 2015-16 Teams Update 1pdf_zpstmwrunz7.jpg

November 7th, Eve of Destruction Meeting
Eastern States Speedway, Blenheim
KB Cowboys def Eastern States Titans

Tasman Thunder def Canterbury Crushers
Canterbury Crushers def Eastern States Titans
Tasman Thunder def KB Cowboys
Canterbury Crushers def KB Cowboys
Eastern States Titans def Tasman Thunder

November 14th, Mainland Teams
Woodford Glen Speedway, Christchurch
Eastern States Titans def Canterbury Crushers

Tasman Thunder def Southland Spartans
KB Cowboys def Canterbury Crushers
Tasman Thunder def Eastern States Titans
KB Cowboys def Southland Spartans
Eastern States Titans def Canterbury Crushers (3rd and 4th)
KB Cowboys def Tasman Thunder (1st and 2nd)

November 14th, Rees Shield
Oceanview Speedway
Palmerston North Pumas def Wanganui Vulcans