Saturday, July 30, 2011



Found this photo by accident while doing a google search for the new NZDTR cover. I can think of a few kiwi speedways that would benefit having a stadium like this, very professional. Anyway the point of this posting is to mention the new Dirt Track Magazine I bought this morning, the first under new editor Jeremy Savell. Already the look is beginning to change and I'm liking what I see. As with the photo above, its always good to get a fresh perspective, see something different or new and embrace change. All the best to the new team at NZDTR and I look forward to seeing more innovations and the direction they are heading in.

As for my own book, it is over halfway finished now and I'm really pleased with the way it is progressing. The good news for anyone who has bought one in the past is that with the way the NZ dollar is performing at the moment, ordering the books online has never been cheaper. Keep an eye on the NZ$ vs the US$ because it could get even cheaper still! Remember the previous three years books can be ordered at HERE.

Here is a sneak peek at the new book...