Saturday, August 16, 2014

King of the Park / Ollie Browne Meeting

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King of the Park / Ollie Browne Meeting
Waikaraka Park

Another meeting I ran out of time to post about, so here it is, only a few months late! Kelvin Gray was the standout driver in the Superstocks pedalling the 113r Tony Takarua car in a good field of 23 cars. Heat 1 and 3 victories and a 3rd in heat two enough to crown him King of the Park. 351a Paul Vazey and 11a Carl Hodge pushing him back to third in the feature Ollie Browne race. Lets hope we get to see more of him next season. Baypark's Jason Brown the other driver to taste success with a heat 2 win in the immaculate looking 109m car. 91a Paul Chatfield took the overall title (and best donuts on the skidpad) in the Stockcars after 3 excellent heats of carnage, finishing 4 points ahead of 651a Troy Power and 45a Corey Baker taking third place a further 3 points back in a field of nearly 30 cars. Streetstocks, Saloons and Modifieds filled out a strong programme but the real feel good factor of this meeting was getting to see Shane Bessant driving the Darryl Roper 19s car that Shane built. Considering it was his first time out in the car and first drive in a Superstock, it was rather impressive, also a great gesture from Darryl and the team.

Superstocks King of the Park
113r Kelvin Gray, 95r Tony Fabish, 7a Jamie Fergusson
Stockcars King of the Park
91a Paul Chatfield, 651a Troy Power, 45a Corey Baker

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