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Stockcar Rollcall 09/10 Season


A strong season for the Stockcar class at Waikaraka Park, well organised with good numbers at every meeting. Should see even more cars for next season with a couple of interesting purchases on Macgors having the "Sold to Auckland" label on them including the 17b Iremonger car. This is one class that Aucklanders can be proud of, we just need a few results on the national stage now. If I've missed anyone or you have new info or photos, just email me and I can update the posting. Email:

If you know any more info, then keep the updates coming!

5a Michael Harris Sold the Rees chassis and now has the 1nz Rees tank which appeared at the last few meetings in the hands of Billy Neill as 11a.

6a Andre Stenson Appeared in an ex-Stratford car before taking on the 168a Billy Neill car with great results for the last few meetings. Should be one to watch next season.

9a Cameron Kenworthy Arrived at WP with the old 51r Mike Raynal car which ran foul of the rollcage rules but was given a lifeline with the use of the Rhody Game 141h car. Strong first season and not afraid to mix it up. Great addition to the stockcar ranks.

12a Michael Stanaway A few appearances at the start of the season and then the tank was sold. Update, He has got another car already, its a spacey from down the line.

13a Ricky Hotene In the ex Ricky Mitchell car, only made a couple of appearances at the tail end of the season, car currently for sale on TradeMe.

14a Ric Horridge Various drivers had a go in the reliable 14a including Mark McNabb for teams racing duties and Tony Gavin who also had a peddle late in the season. Like so many Auckland cars, its now up for sale.

15a Carl Campbell Debuted a beautifully presented and very fast car making an instant impression this season. One of the few Auckland cars to enter the NZ title at Wanganui. Car now for sale.

17a Murray Kitt/Wayne Devonshire

21a Brett Dixon Really stepped up this season using the bumpers a bit and then purchasing the ex Palmerston North Kuriger which should have him at the front of the field for next season. Took out the final meeting in style at Whangarei.

22a Leigh Cossey A very impressive first season in the ex-Huntly car. Managed to win 'Rookie of the Year' and 'Most Spectacular' at the end of season awards. Won a few races and was in plenty of action including a massive roll over the pit gate which featured on Macgors website front page.

23a Tony Baldwin Not many appearances this season but at Wangarei's last meeting was mixing it up and won stirrer of the day. Always entertaining.

24a Trevor Cook Only fronted for a few meetings.

29a Steve Gavin Only a few appearances including the Auckland champs in January, then car ran as 37a.

33a Hayden Cossey Another rookie, hard as nails and always in the action, along with 22a a very welcome addition to the class. Had a major rollover towards the end of the season but was not fazed and back for more following week. Car for sale hopefully meaning a new car on the way.

34a Mark Wearing As always, when he appeared, he was at the front of the field and very fast. Easily one of the best presented cars.

37a Jason Hulbert Took over the drive late in the season, beautifully presented ex Graeme Ward car.

38a Des Hansen Rookie season for Des, he used to be fire crew at the Springs for some time and he comes from Wellsford every night to race.

43a Mark Smith Sold the coupe and bought the sister car to Mark Wearings back from Stratford, instantly on the pace and involved in a few good battles at seasons end.

45a Glen Taylor Had a strong season and travelled a bit, appearing at quite a few Kihikihi meetings. Winner of best presented car at the end of season awards.

46a John Breen Car was ex Kihikihi and a bit underpowered but made it out to most meetings. Update, I believe he has the old 73a red coupe for next season that was at the Taipa Queens Birthday meeting.

59a Richard Pearce Sold last seasons car and made one or two appearances in the beautiful new 59a before it registered to Huntly with one of the Gallop boys driving. Mean looking machine, pity it didn't stay at WP.

64a Marty Chestnutt / Carlos Chestnutt Limited appearances but usually stirring and always entertaining

66a Peter Church Only appeared a few times including a visit to Baypark but concentrated on the saloon car instead.

67a Nick Krisnic What a season, a one man highlights reel but worryingly with the For Sale sign on the car at seasons end. Will race again if car doesn't sell.

69a Dave Seymour After being rookie of the year last season stepped up and had some good results including runner-up in the City of Sails meeting, losing a runoff to 81h Rinso. Broke his wrist in a non-racing incident late in the season and did not appear again. Update, the Kuriger is for sale on Macgors and the ex-59a Pearce roller is being prepped for the new season.

71a Dean Mulholland Only really appeared for racing duties in the very successful Alleycats team.

72a Peter Anderson Only a couple of meetings at WP and a visit to Whangarei.

77a Brad Bates I only saw this car at one meeting and didn't see it at all last year, hopefully will make a few more shows in 2010/11 and I can get a decent photo!

82a Robert Neill Strong season and made regular appearances, not scared to mix it up. Managed to finish 2nd overall in the season points, only beaten by Gary Lonergan.

84a Brendon Morrison Instant impression when the orange 84a arrived, hitting anyone and anything! Crowd favourite in only a few meetings, should be good to watch next season.

85a Shannon Savage Appeared at the Auckland Champs after a few years away, car converted to offset and after a few niggling problems made regular appearances.

88a Ian Smith Only saw the car at a meeting in March and took quite a battering but very entertaining (well I enjoyed it anyway).

91a Paul Chatfield Returned with a new 'tank-look' for the old flat chassis. Had some issues with the car but great to see it back full time and willing to travel for some meetings.

94a James Hanham Car for sale on TradeMe in December 09. Not seen much this year. Update, this car has been sold to Mike Boldero and will be racing as 85h out of Huntly next season.

95a Gary Lonergan Great season for Gary, always one of the best at WP. Came second at the Waikato Champs and won the King of the Park at WP and also had success with the Alleycats Team. First in the season points for all heats, the feature and overall points.

96a Jamie Fergusson Made a few appearances in the Chestnutt chassis and was a team member for the Alleycats which included a crowd pleasing performance at Kihikihi when he went loco! Member of the winning Alleycats at Huntly.

137a Steve Fox Really came to grips with the Rawiri car and was making a name for himself by seasons end. Hopefully back for more.

158a Daniel Martin Cool looking car with plenty of pace, should be back for more next season. Had some bad luck when a win was within his grasp but due a big win soon.

168a Billy Neill Sold his long serving 168a car and was seen driving the ex Rees tank at the last couple of meets. Rumour has it that he has his old Murphy buses car back, hope its true as he's one of WP's best drivers by a mile. Third overall in season points.

272a Seth McConchie Short season for Seth, was in the Alleycats team then car was up for sale.

346a Glen Roache Car appeared in Dargaville then blew motor in March, made it back for the final meet at Whangarei. Cool looking car and look forward to seeing more of it at WP.

441a Andy Weir Car was for sale but still made it out for quite a few meetings after a season away. As always, the 441a was strong and reliable and is now for sale as a rolling chassis. Will we see him next season? Update, Andy is rebuilding the ex-75h Aaron Zampese space frame that he has had for about 2 years and should be back for the start of the season.

741a Craig Chatfield New car, beautifully presented and an impressive first season back including a bit of travelling. Should be a front runner in 10/11.

Cars that were registered but did not appear:
4a Scott Phipps
8a Graham Wood
11a Bernie Sheary
27a Jackie Phipps
41a Alec Cantlay
47a Doug Nelson
51a Steve Murphy
54a Jessica Peat
65a Adam Mills
89a Kirsten Hardy

Auckland Stockcar Champ: 81h Rodney Smythe
Best Presented: 45a Glen Taylor
Most Improved: 82a Robert Neill
Season Points: 95a Gary Lonergan
Rookie of the Year: 22a Leigh Cossey
Stirrer Award: 67a Nick Krisnic
Horse's Arse: 14a Mark McNabb
Alleycats Team Members: Mark McNabb, Dean Mulholland, Seth McConchie, Gary Lonergan, Murray Kitt, Jamie Fergusson and Jason Palamountain (who we borrowed in Hawkes Bay), team captain Grant Littlewood.




Doug Menzies said...

Hey Greg
94a will be 85h next season. Mike Boldero bought it

Gregobro said...

Thanks Doug, will update the posting. Any other info, just let me know. Got some good updates from Chewy 69a yesterday.