Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drive a Tank!

Ever dreamed of driving one of the top Stockcars in the country? Ever wondered what it would be like behind the wheel of one of the famous Tanks? Want to help NZ's '2010 Speedway Competitor of the Year' pursue his goal to race in Europe later this year? Now is your chance.


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lights Out Part II

Ollie Browne Memorial, Super Dirt Cup Modifieds
Waikaraka Park, Auckland


I seems hard to believe, during a season that has been difficult for the club, that yet another meeting comes to a premature end when things were humming along nicely. This time it was another lighting malfunction causing the abandonment of the racing before the Super Dirt Cup for Modifieds and the Ollie Browne Superstock Memorial race. They did manage to get through the Auckland Saloon title won by Phil Towgood, the Stockcar Bash for Cash title won by 59a Trevor Mason and the Streetstock title taken out by 66a Craig McKinney. Also the rarely seen Superstocks completed their Auckland title with Huntly visitor 73h Karl Ross the victor. 37r Ken Hunter and 351a Paul Vasey tied for second with the runoff another casualty of the nights power problems.

There were some great moments during the night, the Stockcars really turning on the action with a convincing win to 158a Dan Martin in heat 1, plenty of big hits in this one with 4h Matt Nilson a popular target. 9a Cam Kenworthy put on a great show that would ultimately win him stirrer of the night. Heat 2 win was credited to 59a Trevor Mason although I was sure 741a Craig Chatfield had passed him mid race and won. 88h Justin Hutchby was the troublemaker in this heat but many a car moved to the infield when he engaged them which was a bit disappointing. Only 11 cars from the original 23 coming out for heat 3 which finished with a Chatfield one-two, 91a Paul Chatfield followed home by Craig in second. Hutchby had his sights set on 29a Scott Tennant in this one but Tennants engine let go which kinda ruins your night. 85a Shannon Savage put a HUGE hit in on 38a Phil Smith and then turned his attention to Hutchby resulting in his car catching fire. Up until then it had been his best night in ages! Mason had been leading the points going into this heat but never missed an opportunity to attack anyone he felt like hitting and still managing to take the title. Great stuff.

59a Trevor Mason 62
91a Paul Chatfield 54
38a Phil Smith 45
741a Craig Chatfield 43
29a Scott Tennant 40

The big feature of the night was going to be the Super Dirt Cup for Modifieds, but only the heats for the two groups and most of the pole shuffle were completed. The major incident of the night involved 29a Mark Wade who was involved in contact with 55s Paul Ward resulting in a big roll and taking out a few cars before even crossing the start line. Also a bit of contact and dubious starts during the pole shuffles that became a farce during the 19a Scott Lane and 55s Paul Ward race. 1nz John Jackson and 4s Mark Dixon had really shown impressive pace and looked the goods for the final. Having read the Foxy website it appears they aren't going to have a fifth attempt at running this title and who can blame them. The Ollie Browne will get another go this weekend coming during the King of the Park meeting but the ugly weather looks set to return...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teams Update X

The Palmerston North Pumas remain unbeaten this year winning the rescheduled Peter Barry teams meeting at Meeanee Speedway. The Tasman Thunder team from Nelson make their first appearance of the season going down to Canterbury. Auckland notch up another win against the Gladiators in the rerun of the first teams race of the season at Gisborne's home track. Only two recognised teams are yet to race, Greymouth and Baypark.


Oct 30:
Auckland Alleycats def Gisborne Gladiators

Nov 6:
Eastern States Titans 135 def KB Cowboys 34
KB Cowboys 130 def Canterbury Crushers 39
Eastern States Titans 124 def Canterbury Crushers 45

Nov 12:
Wanganui Vulcans def Canterbury Crushers
Canterbury Crushers def KB Cowboys
Wanganui Vulcans def Eastern States Titans
KB Cowboys def Eastern States Titans

Nov 19
Huntly Teams Meeting Night 1
Manawatu Steelers 140 def Meeanee Maulers 55
Gisborne Gladiators 180 def Waikato Raiders 0
Huntly Hawks 160 def Stratford Stormers 30
Auckland Alleycats 105 def Wanganui Vulcans 90
Meeanee Maulers 160 def Stratford Stormers 30
Manawatu Steelers 165 def Huntly Hawks 30
Wanganui Vulcans 150 def Gisborne Gladiators 40
Auckland Alleycats 100 def Waikato Raiders 95
Night 2
Auckland Alleycats def Stratford Stormers
Waikato Raiders def Huntly Hawks
Meeanee Maulers def Wanganui Vulcans
Manawatu Steelers def Gisborne Gladiators
Stratford Stormers def Huntly Hawks
Waikator Raiders def Auckland Alleycats
Gisborne Gladiators def Wanganui Vulcans
Manawatu Steelers def Meeanee Maulers

Nov 27
Palmy Teams Invasion
Palmerston North Pumas 135 def Wellington Young Guns 60
Manawatu Steelers 185 def Stratford Stormers 10
Palmerston North Pumas 140 def Stratford Stormers 55
Wellington Young Guns 150 def Manawatu Steelers 45
Manawatu Steelers 3rd def Stratford Stormers 4th
Palmerston North Pumas 1st def Wellington Young Guns 2nd

Dec 10
NZ Stockcar Teams Night 1, Wellington
Palmerston Pumas def Wanganui Vulcans
Meeanee Maulers def Canterbury Crushers
Eastern States Titans def Stratford Stormers
Wellington Young Guns def Waikato Raiders
Auckland Alleycats def Gisborne Gladiators
Waganui Vulcans def Canterbury Crushers
Palmerston Pumas def Eastern States Titans
Meeanee Maulers def Waikato Raiders
Gisborne Gladiators def Stratford Stormers
Wellington Young Guns def Auckland Alleycats

Night 2
Wanganui Vulcans def Stratford Stormers
Auckland Alleycats def Eastern States Titans
Auckland Alleycats def Wanganui Vulcans
Palmerston North Pumas def Gisborne Gladiators
Wellington Young Guns def Meeanee Maulers
Gisborne Gladiators def Meeanee Maulers
Palmerston North Pumas def Wellington Young Guns

World 240's Meeting, Rotorua
Rotorua Rascals def Gisborne Gladiators

At Gisborne Speedway
Foreign Legion def Gisborne Gladiators

South Island Teams, Woodford Glen
Canterbury Crushers def Reece's Rebels
Southern Sharks def Eastern States Titans
Eastern States Titans def Reece's Rebels
Canterbury Crushers def Southern Sharks

At Stratford, 12-02-11
Manawatu Steelers def Stratford Stormers

At Wanganui, 13-02-11
Palmerston North Pumas def Wanganui Vulcans

Peter Barry Teams, Meeanee Speedway
Meeanee Maulers 165 def Stratford Stormers 20
Waikato Raiders 155 def Gisborne Gladiators 35
Te Marua Terminators 155 def Auckland Alleycats 30
Palmerston North Pumas def Kihikihi Crusaders
North Island Select 140 vs Orange Roughies 20
Meeanee Maulers 170 def Kihikihi Crusaders 15
Palmerston North Pumas def Gisborne Gladiators
Waikato Raiders def Orange Roughies
North Island Select def Te Marua Terminators
Stratford Stormers def Auckland Alleycats

At Riverside Speedway, Invercargill
Canterbury Crushers def Southern Sharks

Peter Barry Teams Finals
Palmerston North Pumas def North Island Select
Waikato Raiders def Meeanee Maulers
Meanee Maulers def North Island Select
Palmerston North Pumas def Waikato Raiders

At Top of the South Speedway, Nelson:
Canterbury Crushers def Tasman Thunder

At Gisborne Speedway:
Auckland Alleycats def Gisborne Gladiators

Monday, April 04, 2011

John Webster / Glen Turner Memorials

John Webster Memorial, Glen Turner Supersaloons
Waikaraka Park, Auckland


The John Webster for 2011 had looked a little shaky during the week leading up to Saturday. No Sprintcars or Superstocks on the agenda and fairly vague numbers being tossed around for most classes. But upon entering the pits you could see there were going to be full fields in most classes. Also the feel of the meeting would be different from previous years with the open wheel classes more dominant having Midgets, MiniSprints and TQ's present. I was a little alarmed with Streetstock numbers (which have been low all season) and predictably they were the only class that failed to fire on a night that's original intention was to showcase the best of speedway in Auckland. This is a class that really need a shot in the arm, or a shot to the head depending on your enjoyment of Streetstock racing.

Overall I thought the racing was pretty good, the SuperSaloons completely stealing the show up until their feature race, when we were treated to a four wide salute in honour of Glen Turner, a stalwart of Auckland Saloon racing. The field of 14 cars was top quality and the feature was going to be something really special. 8h Craig Cardwell absolutely overcooked the start of the race and looked to have blown all chance of winning before they had even reached the first corner. He slipped back to about 8th place from his front row grid but little did we all know that within a lap it would prove rather fortuitous as a spinning 99a Shane McInteer would be involved in a melee that would take out six cars and pretty much rip the guts out of the most anticipated race of the night. The remaining contestants basically left a 24h Harding v 8h Cardwell battle that could never reach the heights that the pre-race hype had built. It was a pity but take nothing away from Harding, he powered his way to a great victory.

I didn't quite get the gist of the way the Midgets were doing the qualifying for their final, then the cars that seemed to have been most successful on the night didn't start off the front. The feature was action packed with a few changes of leader and although their were a few yellow light incidents, it didn't turn into a marathon of endurance for the spectators. The big guns didn't quite get to the front of the field resulting in a great battle between 27a Hayden Williams, 9h Angus McLeod and 4a Dave Gick. Williams picking up the win. Of interest to a lot of WP regulars was the performance of former commentator Aaron Drever who was racing the CRC 71a, and huge respect to the guy for having the kahunas to get out there and then put on a pretty decent performance! Apart from a spin in heat two and a few tentative first laps in heat one he was on the pace, drove clean and looked very capable, great effort dude!

Stockcars were the other standout class. Twenty four cars turned out including 898s Sandy Flett and 16h David Ingram in the old Vic Neal chassis looking pretty cool. Lots of contact and good fast racing with 137a Jamie Fergusson and 168a Billy Neill doing most of the stirring. Wins went to 95a Gary Lonergan, 69h Callum Whiter and the feature to 29a Scott Tennant who is having a brilliant debut season in the class. The 74a stockcar was given to Streetstock pilot Jody Hooker for the feature but just as he was getting into his stride a red light incident that he was too slow to stop for meant he was sent infield robbing the race of some action.

So that was another Webster "Speedway Expo" (as it was originally called) completed. Five of the six classes on show were great and compared to a normal nights racing, $20 for all that action and quality fields was a great deal. Whether the promoters take on board comments about the intent of the meeting - the 'best of the best' concept (which the Huntly club have embraced with the Speedfest meeting) is anyones guess. I hope they do, John Webster was a huge figure in Auckland speedway and any meeting bearing his name should be something a bit special.