Sunday, January 24, 2010

Auckland Champs Night


I thought rain would be the winner this weekend but luckily for us WP was able to go ahead with their Auckland champs night for quite a few classes although the Superstocks title was dropped midweek rather than running against the 248 Global Challenge in Palmy that was ironically rained out and rescheduled for Sunday. They still managed to gather a great competitor base in most classes running but Stockcar numbers were low (9) and thankfully they were combined with the Supers (12) for three great races. The feature won by 66r Steve Hampton, 73a Bryce Marx second and I think 36r Kevin Free might have made it up to third or fourth spot in what apparently will be his last appearance at WP. I was interested to see Rick Campbell piloting the 63a Marx car and I assume it was Trevor Mason in the 99a Super giving some validity to the rumoured make-up of the Allstars team for Palmerston North in February. The 9r tank of Anthony Brown had great pace in heat 1 but lost the body which was reduced to a purple smear on the track by race end and he wasn't seen out again for the night.

Somewhat stealing the show were the Super Saloons continuing the epic Jennings v Hemi battle that started in Huntly, fortunately there was no dramatic ending for them this week. 8h Cardwell and 2nz MacIntyre joined in the action (particularly MacIntyre who's night went from fantastic to over in the course of two races) but it was local hero 99a Shane McInteer who won the final from 21h Steve Williams and 96a Jennings in third. I will also mention the eloquent speech Williams gave at the conclusion of the race acknowledging Lance Jennings that was well received by the crowd. An all in Saloon final produced an upset with 48a Phil Towgood showing the Supers a clean pair of heels to cap off a successful night for him including the Auckland title he won convincingly from 74a Scott Landsdown and 27a Steven Correy in a strong Saloon field.

Newly crowned 1nz Jamie Fox made easy work of the Auckland Modified title leaving the rest of the field fighting for the leftovers. 6a Brian Jesen taking second and 21a Garry Parker third from the hard charging 64a Grant Harris. Minisprints and MiniStocks rounded out the programme on another solid night for Waikaraka Park.

Meeting rating : 6.5/10

Auckland Champs
Modifieds 1nz Jamie Fox
Minisprints 32h James Cossey
Ministocks 75a Scott Tennant
Super Saloons 99a Shane McInteer
Saloons 48a Phil Towgood

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