Sunday, November 10, 2013

Huntly Club Night

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PlaceMakers Huntly Speedway
November 9, 2013

With the weather so good, I made a late decision to head down to Huntly for what was basically a club night. With Stockcars on the programme you can always be assured of a decent nights racing as they are one of the bastions of great contact racing and they didn't disappoint despite the fact that some were saving their cars for this weeks upcoming teams meeting. Someone forgot to tell 5h Andre Stenson who probably provided the biggest hit of the night, 44h Anthony McNeill the unlucky victim. Stenson has really adapted well to the new tank and along with 88h Justin Hutchby who stood out as one of the fastest cars racing last night, the Raiders will provide a daunting prospect for any team unlucky to draw them come Friday night. With Mark Caldwell and Scott Gallop in the team along with ex 7k Dave Moore it will be really interesting to see the former Kihikihi driver in a strong team as he has always provided some of the best moments in recent teams meeting with little support.

51h Alistair Van Amsterdam took out heat one, 8r Scott Fredrikson the second heat in a seriously fast car, (the 4th Fredrickson built car as we found out from a great Steve Daniel interview with the Rotorua driver, Dean Mulholland will be driving the version 3 chassis this season) and Hutchby winning a race long battle with team mate Gallop to take the feature ahead of Van Amsterdam who is really impressing in the few meetings I've seen him racing. The rest of the programme included a massive field of 29 MiniStocks, 5 Minisprints, a dozen Productions and about 14 Saloons - 3 of which were Supers. 166h Geoff Webb provided the other big moment of the night after riding up over the wheel of 24h Dan Davis and after a massive nosedive finally flipping over and ending his night in spectacular fashion. Hopefully not too much damage but the car looked a bit grim being towed off - so did the driver!

The meeting was done and dusted by about 9.30pm which was great and a special shout out to the commentary team of Graham 'Mintie' Mead and Steve the Maori who really made the night - lots of great interviews, ticket giveaways galore for the teams meeting and the sound system working well. Lets hope it all gels again for this weeks huge meeting starting on Friday. Eight confirmed strong teams plus I believe the Baypark Bulldogs up against the Huntly Hawks development team. It's always a ripper of a meeting and you would be mad to miss it! I think I heard that Saturday nights racing begins at 6pm, so be aware.

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