Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CTRA Stockcar Title, Dargaville

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I love heading up to Dargaville for a visit and usually you get to see a few cars you haven't caught racing down south, so on Sunday the Finlayson Park track was hosting the CTRA's version of the New Zealand Stockcar title. That's where any comparison with the traditional SNZ Stockcar title ends, this event is fairly lowkey, run in good humour and done and dusted in three heats. Nine cars made the pits, mostly from Auckland and included last years winner Leigh Cossey. His title defence was over during the first heat with a bent axle but he did provide the best burn-out I've seen in ages so he was a winner on the day!

57a Aidan Eustace and 11a Ken Tyson would be the front runners, Tyson winning two heats and the other going to Eustace tied on points after 3 heats requiring a four lap runoff for the title. Eustace had the pace and despite a blocking attempt from the 11a the title was his. 333a Hayden Cossey made the long trip up from Napier after the rainout of the Peter Barry Teams meeting and picked up third overall. Hard luck to local 38d Jeremy Hayes who never managed to get the car onto the track with brake issues. Despite a small field Aidan Eustace really surprised me with the pace of his car and looked faster than I've ever seen him run at WP. Events like this one are great showcasing a few drivers who might not feature in the big fields on major tracks and one of those was 17h Glen Paton who was in his second meeting in an ex-Baypark car that has been bought for a song and given a bit of a tidy up. He had fuel problems for the first two heats but had the car humming in heat three.

Stockcars: 57a Aidan Eustace, 11a Ken Tyson, 333a Hayden Cossey
Jalopies: 2nz Frank Millar, 348d Nigel Bree

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