Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winter rebuilds: 14r Matt Nilsson

Here comes trouble!

2010 Very tidy!

2011 coming back to the pits at Huntly

2012 At Baypark for the Stockcar Grand Prix

2012 winter rebuild

ex 95c tank

Matt Nilsson of Rotorua has really made a name for himself in the last two seasons. His stirring ability is becoming legendary and his performance at Baypark for last seasons Stockcar Grand Prix was worth admission price on its own. He won the "Swine Trophy" at the Rotorua Club prizegiving and if I'm not mistaken even took a chequered flag to show he can flag race with the best of them! The old school looking 14r beast was due a bit of pampering and with the advent of Facebook there are a lot more drivers willing to share their workshop photos. I asked Matt if I could post a few on Spectator and he said all good. So here are a few shots of the very different looking 14r for next season. The car in the background is the ex-Neville Macken built tank from a few seasons ago which made its way down to Christchurch as 95c before reappearing in Matt's shed. I saw this car race in Whangarei when it debuted and it can really haul and was built on the smallest budget imaginable, a real credit to Neville. It would be interesting to see Matt in a tank! I have asked him what the plans are with the tank and will let you know if he tells me...

If you are on Facebook, Matt's photos can be found HERE.

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