Monday, November 16, 2009

New book!

After what seems an incredibly long off season, I finally managed to finish my book containing reviews of last seasons meetings featured on this website. I got a finished printed copy of it in the post on Friday and I'm pleased to say it's an improvement on the 2007/08 book and with some photos contributed by Gavin Evitt (PallMall) and Graham Hughes (SportsWeb) it's got some classy track shots to go with my pit photos. There are 473 photos in fact and all of the reviews good, bad or ugly for 2008/09 are included. Of course its not a comprehensive recap of everything that went on last season but it is a good snapshot and even looking back at the first book I did, the amount of cars that have changed colour, changed hands or simply gone awol is amazing. I like to think in 10 years these books will be a great reminder of what was going on.

Preview of the first 15 pages and the back cover is here and if you want one you can also order on that page. Mine took about 5 days to get here using FedEx but you can pay heaps less for standard postage. Remember the prices are in US dollars.

154 pages, full colour, christmas just around the corner...

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