Monday, November 16, 2009

King Country Stockcars


The third meeting of my 'stockcar addicts' weekend was at Kihikihi Speedway for the King Country Stockcar title. I had been pretty lucky with the weather on Friday night at WP when it was looking threatening but it finally caught up with me Sunday after about the first round of racing had been completed. Around 26 cars had turned up and were split into two groups for qualifying. When the weather did pack in I thought they had no chance of finishing the meeting and having had my fill of racing already, I decided to call it quits and head on back to Auckland.

The club managed to soldier on and complete the programme so well done to them and the people that stayed on would have appreciated it I'm sure. For the record 95a Gary Lonergan took the title from 116h Steve Halse and 218h Aaron Alderton. The track looks really amazing and I like the unique infield layout. Thinking outside the box (or the oval) in this case.

Meeting rating : 5/10

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