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Workshop Update : 14r Matt Nilsson

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14r Matt Nilsson
Home Track: Paradise Valley, Rotorua
Mad Matt as he is known, has been stirring it up since his first meeting at Huntly Speedway in the green 4h flatty way back in December 2009. He's a photographers dream as he is constantly in the action either dishing it out or on the receiving end! He's determined to put on a great show next season and is racing in memory of Dirty Keith from Aussie Spares who sadly passed away earlier this year. Here's a few questions I threw at Matt:

What got you into stock car racing?
I started doing demo derbies but the cars were too weak and I needed something stronger, so my father in law (Coombzy) bought a stock car and I have raced ever since.
Do you know the background on the two cars you have?
The flatty was ex 74i Phillip Connor and before going to Invercargill was Steve Hogan's of Gisborne. The tank was ex 95c, but was built in Whangarei by Neville Macken.
Is the flatty retired or just in hibernation?
Lets just say I plan to finish my career in the car I started in, perhaps in the Golden Oldies class.
Which is more fun to drive?
They are both fun to drive, I can't choose, any stock car is fun to drive!
Any injuries over the years?
I fractured my spine in Nelson 2012/13 season and took four months off and also fractured my foot when I smashed the wheel gate off with a sledge hammer and it smashed my foot!
What's your favourite track to race?
Waikaraka Park, Auckland
Goals for this season?
Nail the reliability on the car, finish more races and roll more cars!
Did you race for the Rascals last season?
No, car was not reliable enough.
Any changes or updates to the tank?
All new steel, new roll cage, new steering setup, just trying to find something strong enough to take the hits.
New colour scheme or sticking with the skull and crossbones?
To be confirmed...
Do you have a Facebook page, website or link the fans can follow you on?

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2010-11 Season
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2011-12 Season
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2012-13 Season
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2013-14 Season
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These updates were pretty popular last year, so if you have shots of your car and a workshop update let me know and I'll put it up on the page, Ill also hunt out all the photos I have of your cars and add them to the posting like Matt's above. Send to

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