Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Farmline Speed 'N Smash Fest

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April 6th
Kihikihi Speedway

Brilliant weather matched the action on track at Kihikihi Speedway last Sunday with four Stockcar teams races, Saloons contesting the King Country title and Streetstocks rounding out a decent programme. Our first Stockcar teams race had the Kihikihi Crusaders (or really a select team) up against the Stratford Stormers. 51h Ali Van Amsterdam had the pace and lead out early with 402s but once 86r Richard Keizjer pulled off the track the Stormers took hold of the race and 405s and 402s came home for a convincing win. Gisborne Gladiators were up next against the Waikato Raiders and it was a fairly even match up with 45g Nick Vallance chasing the 97h of Gallop for most of the race. Great blocking by 99h Neill and 98h Hutchby the difference between the two teams, the Waikato boys heading to the final against Stratford.

The Kihikihi team could only front 3 cars but with the pace of Van Amsterdam, they took an unlikely win from a shellshocked Gladiators team. The Gizzy team deserving better for their efforts but no shame as they gave it everything they had. The final was great and came down to whose runner could avoid the plentiful blockers. 402s Bevan Phillips had the lead and was chased by 97h Scott Gallop running for the Raiders. Multiple attempts by Hutchby and Robbie Neill to get Phillips failed until near the end of the race when the 99h managed to trap and block the 402s in the turn one wall. Gallop had survived his own close call nearly rolled by 406s, before snatching the lead and surviving a last gasp attack that almost had him crossing the line on his side.

Nigel Ross dominated the Saloons winning the feature event and the 25 lap Rosetown Classic could only muster 11 cars after a torrid day of Stockcar heats. Going into the race 72r Michael Rumney looked the favourite but was set upon by the local Kihikihi cars leaving the door open for 555r Les Holland to grab a well deserved win.

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