Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hazelton Gillan Memorial Stockcars, Huntly

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George Hazelton Alex Gillan Memorial Stockcars
PlaceMakers Huntly Speedway, March 22, 2014

Huntly Speedway seems to have been 'off the radar' as far as my speedway season has gone with rainouts and conflicting events, it feels like I haven't seen much racing at the Waikato track lately. Up against the War of Stocks meeting at Rotorua I decided the budget had taken a beating and so Rotovegas was a no go and a quick trip down to Huntly last night was the go. For me the event I wanted to see with the Stockcar Memorial for Alex Gillan and George Hazelton which over the last few years has been a must see. Numbers weren't too bad (27 stocks) considering the event at Rotorua, but with 87a Charles Day the lone Auckland visitor, 18m and 22m from Baypark, 5k and 17g Ben Patrick the only other out of towners it was going to be a major upset if the trophy left town!

Three heats ensued with plenty of action, 87a Day left parked in the wall in heat one only to be collected by two locals ending his night, Baypark drivers 22m Les Hepworth rolled in heat three by Nevin Shrubb, 18m Joseph Carter taken care of also in heat three left stranded in the wall on turn 2 after attacks by 42h Lance Gribble, 83h Tyson Wootton and 12h Lionel Halse leaving only Patrick stirring things up for the visitors. So it basically came down to a last lap close finish for 88h Justin Hutchby and 36h Mark Caldwell which looked as though it had ended with tied points, although Hutchby announced as the victor. 5h Dave Moore had the tank flying and took out the heat three win and 3rd overall ahead of 27h Brett Aitkin and 17h Glen Paton. Heat wins went to Caldwell, Hepworth and Moore.

The programme also featured the Waikato Supersaloon title with a depleted field of only 6, Lance Jennings adding the win to an impressive season for the veteran. The Huntly Midget Championship, TQ's, Production Saloons and Minisprints rounded out the programme and fortunately a 6pm start and a fairly warm (for this time of year) evening meant the night didn't drag on despite the TQ's first heat which was eventually abandoned as they seemed unable to complete a single lap without a yellow light. They made up for it with the next two heats though but Im betting there were some stern words in the pits after heat one!

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