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Stockcar Teams Update 8

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Welcome to the Sunset Slayers from Westport Speedway in the South Island. Their first hit out at their home track was against the Greymouth Grizzlies from Greenstone Park, hopefully the beginning of another South Island track joining in the Teams racing scene that is growing every season in the mainland. Rotorua Rascals are having their best season ever and remain unbeaten on top of the table. a few teams have moved up after the Peter Barry teams event ran on Friday night, but rain stopped the show and it will be a complete rerun.

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Photo by Craig Baker
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Photo by Craig Baker
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Photo by Stephanie Bellis
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Photo by Stephanie Bellis

November 2
Top of the South Speedway, Nelson
Tasman Thunder def Greymouth Grizzlies

November 9
Eastern States Speedway, Blenheim
Ken's Cowboys defeat Eastern States Titans
Canterbury Crushers def Ken's Cowboys
Eastern States Titans def Canterbury Crushers

November 15 & 16
Woodford Glen, Christchurch
Eastern States Titans 140 def Team Heibner 45
Ken's Cowboys def 150 def Canterbury Crushers 25
Ken"s Cowboys 150 def Eastern States Titans 35
Canterbury Crushers 150 def Team Heibner 35

November 15 & 16
Huntly Speedway, Waikato
Rotorua Rascals def Gisborne Gladiators
Stratford Stormers def Meeanee Maulers
Auckland Alleycats def Manawatu Steelers
Wanganui Vulcans def Waikato Raiders
Rotorua Rascals def Meeanee Maulers
Stratford Stormers def Gisborne Gladiators
Manawatu Steelers def Wanganui Vulcans
Auckland Alleycats def Waikato Raiders
Night 2
Manawatu Steelers def Gisborne Gladiators
Huntly Hawks def Baypark Bulldogs
Waikato Raiders def Meeanee Maulers
Auckland Alleycats def Stratford Stormers
Rotorua Rascals def Wanganui Vulcans
Meeanee Maulers def Gisborne Gladiators
Manawatu Steelers def Waikato Raiders
Wanganui Vulcans def Stratford Stormers
Rotorua Rascals def Auckland Alleycats

November 24th
Oceanview Speedway
Stratford Stormers def Wanganui Vulcans
Baypark Bulldogs def Huntly Hawks

November 30th 
Rotorua Rascals def Auckland Alleycats (Rees Shield)
Huntly Raiders def Gisborne Gladiators
Nelson Thunder def Canterbury Crushers

December 14th
Palmerston North Pumas def Wellington Young Guns
Wanganui Vulcans def Stratford Stormers

January 2nd
NZ Stockcar Teams Champs Qualifying
Rotorua Rascals 175 def Waikato Raiders 20
Wellington Young Guns 160 def Gisborne Gladiators 35
Canterbury Crushers 160 def Baypark Bulldogs 35
Tasman Thunder 185 def Auckland Alleycats 0
Stratford Stormers 135 def Eastern States Titans 60
Meeanee Maulers 165 def Wanganui Vulcans 0
Palmerston North Pumas 145 def Waikato Raiders 50
Rotorua Rascals 150 def Wellington Young Guns 45
Gisborne Gladiators 160 def Canterbury Crushers 35
Auckalnd Alleycats 110 def Baypark Bulldogs 85
Stratford Stormers 165 def Tasman Thunder 30
Wanganui Vulcans 145 def Eastern States Titans 50
Palmerston North Pumas 155 def Meeanee Maulers 40

NZ Stockcar Teams Finals
Wellington Young Guns def Canterbury Crushers
Gisborne Gladiators def Meeanee Maulers
Rotorua Rascals def Tasman Thunder
Palmerston North Pumas def Stratford Stormers
Stratford Stormers def Gisborne Gladiators
Wellington Young Guns def Tasman Thunder
Rotorua Rascals def Palmerston North Pumas

At World 240's, Paradise Valley Raceway
Rotorua Rascals def Waikato Raiders

Jan 31
Peter Barry Teams, Meeanee Speedway
Wellington Young Guns def Waikato Raiders
Palmerston North Pumas def Meeanee Maulers
North Island Select def Stratford Stormers
Wanganui Vulcans def Gisborne Gladiators
Waikato Raiders def Hasbeens
Baypark Bulldogs def Meeanee Maulers
Wellington Young Guns def North Island Select
Meeting abandoned due to rain.

Feb 2 Sunset Speedway
Greymouth Grizzlies def Westport Slayers 

2012/13 Season Final table HERE  Winners Eastern States Titans
2011/12 Season Final table HERE  Winners Waikato Raiders
2010/11 Season Final table HERE  Winners Palmerston North Pumas

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