Sunday, December 01, 2013

Not Paradise!

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For a few moments I wondered if I was sitting at Waikaraka Park or Paradise Valley last night as Rotorua cars kept winning races. Sadly, it was a soggy old night at WP and yes, two Top Gear Superstocks cleaned up in their races while the Rotorua Rascals managed to wrestle the Rees Shield away from the Alleycats on a night that was lucky to proceed with many tracks pulling the plug earlier in the day. A damp track and a few light showers during the racing didn't make it a comfortable night but it was mercifully short and finished about 9.30pm and unless you were a Rotorua fan, it wasn't great viewing.

Auckland Alleycats v Rotorua Rascals
After the Huntly Teams meeting, the Rascals came in as favourites but facing the Alleycats on their home track evened things up somewhat. Unfortunately the track had been quite slushy after a couple of showers so it wasn't going to be a classic. Despite that fact, the Rascals come home with a comprehensive victory and another trophy to add to a golden run they are having this season. An early lead to Gary Lonergan ended when spun by Damian Orr and from that moment onwards Chris Hall and Orr held a strong lead and were never really in any danger of losing it. Both Craig Chatfield and Tony Baldwin were out of the race after about two laps and with no blockers the Alleycats shield reign was about to end. Shannor Orr eventually blocked Lonergan in the turn two wall and that left Scott Tennant as the only mobile Alleycat unable to stop a group of three Rascals cars, Chris Hall crossing the line ahead of Orr for a solid win.

The rest of the programme included Superstocks (9) with 135r Scott Hewson and 23r Lance Ashton from Rotorua taking out all three races in either first or second place. Ministocks (15), Saloons (6) mixed in with Supersaloons (2) and a field of about 21 Stockcars including a few of the teams racers providing the other highlights of the night. Gary Lonergan did pick up the Stockcar feature race so things did end on a positive note of sorts. Drive of the night though was a toss up between 61a Roy Walker in the Saloons or 10a Chanelle Gordon who almost lapped the entire field in the first Stockcar heat.

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