Wednesday, July 03, 2013

King of the Park 2013

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King of the Park
Waikaraka Park, Auckland

Here are a few photos from the King of the Park meeting held April 27th, which was lucky to go ahead considering the poor weather leading up to it. Unfortunately this meant most visiting drivers were put off by the borderline weather, and so they were few in number. It had all the feel of a club night to me with the basic three heats and top points wins style of meeting (or something close to that) which seem to be getting more and more bizarre names to basically try and amp up what is effectively your stock standard meeting. It might take a little bit more thought to give these titles some prestige or really what is the difference between your City of Auckland trophy and your King of the Park for instance? I guess it's the same issue with the NZ Stockcar title and the Grand Prix? Anyway the good news was that they announced the John Webster meeting would go ahead so this was not to be our last taste of Speedway at WP for the season. For the record, the kings of the park for each class were Nigel Ross in the Saloons, Brad Ridland in the Superstocks, Jamie Fox in the Modifieds, Luke Brown in the MiniStocks and Billy Neill rounding out a pretty good end of season run for him with three wins to take the Stockcars making their last appearance of the season not being included in the Webster meeting.

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