Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TradeMe Stockcar roundup!

I always find myself looking at the stockcars for sale on TradeMe, I have no intention of buying one but it kills a few minutes working out which one I WOULD buy if I had the money. The turnover of cars is fairly slow compared to Macgor's classifieds, not sure why, but some hang around for a long time. The one thing about TM is that sometimes it features a car from the past or one like the 52r from Rotorua that I've never seen before. Here are a few featured at the moment:

52r is HERE Asking price: $6,000 Or Near Offer

44m is HERE Asking price: $7,000 Or Near Offer

96v is HERE  Asking price: $4,000 Or Near Offer

58k is HERE Asking price: $6,250

13c is HERE Start price: $1,000.00

Tony Mac Rolling chassis is HERE Start price: $3,000.00

66n is HERE Asking price: $26,000 Or Near Offer

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