Sunday, September 25, 2011



Finally finished my 4th Speedway Review book after quite a few busy months putting it together. Had some great photo contributions from Yaz and Linz Dolbel, Wal Joines from StockcarScene, Craig Baker from Coast Photos, Drew Hamblyn at Westpeak, MikeyB, Gavin Evitt, Go Slideways and Brendon Learmonth from Square Photography in Palmy. There was quite a bit of editing to keep the price down a bit but still came in at 226 pages which is the largest one yet. Too many good meetings last season? Anyway, you can order it direct from the US of A using this link: HERE or wait until mid October when I have a few coming in that I can onsell. They are US$74.95 and the shipping was about $12.50 I think so in NZ dollars it works out about $NZ110.00, pretty good value for a hard cover comprehensive souvenir of the 2010/11 season. Keep an eye on the US dollar because when it goes up over .80 cents the currency conversion drops the price quite a bit (and you get a discount for bulk buying too!) Also Blurb do promotions every other month with discounts so I will let you know when the next one is on, it takes a big chunk off the price too. I have a mark up of $5.00 only on the books so as not to make them unaffordable but considering how long it takes to put one of these suckers together, I don't think that's outrageous.

The book covers most big meetings in the Stockcar and Superstock classes and some Modified action too. The cover star is 94w/1nz Kyle Lane with 14n/1nz Dale Ewers on the back cover. I sold about 30 of these books last season which almost covered the costs of making them. I gave away quite a few also to people who had helped me out during the season in one way or another. It certainly isn't a get rich scheme but the long term aim is to have at least a record of one crazy fans obsession that is actually on paper and not lost somewhere in cyberspace. That was the original reason for the first book back in the 2007 season, trying to find some results from the 2001 NZ Stockcar title and coming up with nothing until Macgor was able to resurrect an old archived page he had. I realised that if my website failed I could lose a whole lot of years worth of reviews, photos and results so putting it on paper seemed a good idea and it has grown from there.

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