Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hemi, Foxy and some crazy stockcars


What was originally going to be the finals night of the Superstocks Teams Nationals morphed into a Dunny Derby of all things, ironically capturing the mood of this speedway season it would seem. Most people are by now aware of the problems and subsequent cancellation of the teams meeting and with hindsight it probably was a good call (not even taking into account the cost of such a meeting) with Friday night being wet and cold and Saturdays replacement Derby meeting also serving up a chilly night with a sprinkle of rain but at least able to go ahead. Someone forgot to change the entry price though and $20 seemed a bit steep for what was on show. Ignoring that fact, the racing was good and finished by 9.30pm (that has to be a record for WP) and included four heats for most classes before the Derby did its thing.

Crowd was pretty good and Stockcars, Streetstocks, Saloons, Supersaloons and Mods were the classes running. Jamie Fox and Peter Hemi took all the wins in their respective classes (Modifieds 7, SuperSaloons 12). Saloons (13) had wins to 59a Bryan Skelton, and two wins for 74a Scott Lansdown with a great 3 way battle between these two and 6a Torrey/Shane McInteer in their feature. 45a Bill Peat took the feature win for the Streetstocks with 21k Blair Castleton taking the heat wins.

Stockcars (25 including 3 Supers) were the class of the night with visitors from Huntly and Rotorua. 69a Dave Seymour was rolled on the first lap of their first heat and the carnage continued for the rest of the night with wins going to 32r Nicky Johnson, 95a Gary Lonergan, 34a Mark Wearing and 5k Brad Ridland taking the feature in his Super although I think first Stockcar home was probably 82a Robert Neill. Visitor 4h Matthew Nilssen was given grief in every heat and then spectacularly rolled by 84a Brendan Morrison in heat 3. 72r David Rumney took on the locals in the feature until losing a tyre off the rim hampered his attacks. Scott Tennant drove the 75a Super in a warm up to next weeks Auckland Superstock title which appears to have a strong field fronting. The Cossey bros had a tough night with 22a Leigh being rolled while leading the feature and 33a Hayden being hit by almost every car while stalled on the front straight facing the oncoming traffic. This guy either has thumbs that dont go down or is as staunch as Jake the Muss! Great stuff. The Stockcar boys really know how to warm up a crowd and a big field like this was awesome.

Meeting rating : 6/10

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