Friday, June 30, 2006


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The only stockcar I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in (sad I know, the photos are worse, I look like a kid on christmas morning) when it was in the hands of Neil McCoard. Andrew Harvey bought the car off Neil and these photos supplied by PallMall are taken at the New Zealand Stockcar Champs at Gisborne 2002.

It's one of three sister cars built by Neil McCoard, here's the background from Brent Morris from Macgors 'Missing In Action' page:

The 99s was the first Tank built by Neil McCoard nearly 20 years ago I believe. It was first raced out of Stratford and then Auckland. It is longer and wider than the 2 later cars. This is the car Tony Collins races at Temarua as 74w.

The car has always been Ford V8 powered up until a 4 litre falcon re power for 05/06. Has had a lack lustre season with lots of niggles up until last Saturday when it was really cranking in the first race. We have been flat out on it all week and are hoping for a good run this weekend. TC's a driver who can get the best out of a Tank.

The other 2 cars were built around 1994 and were basically the same as each other chassis wise. Neils was Ford V8 powered and the one he built for Frank had a Ford 6 in it.

Neils car went to gizzy and was raced as a Superstock for a while. I believe it is still there, but is being converted to a Stockcar with Rover power.

The other one (Frank's) is sitting at my place and is ready to race - Just needs me to have some spare time and find someone to bank roll it, LOL - next season? In the mean time I like to help TC when I can.

Thanks for the interest guys - If any one has any more photos, stick them on. Its great to see the following these cars have.

Brent Morris

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