Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flashback 008

NZ Standard Stock Teams

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In 2000 a powerhouse team of Pumas came to Auckland and took the Standard Stock Teams championship (and the right to host it) with them, something they and the Wellington Young Guns have basically had a stranglehold over ever since. Two memories of this meeting that I need help with are the members of the Gisborne team who bravely fronted with a driver who had not only never been in a teams race before... but was making his very first appearance at a stockcar meeting! Talk about thrown in at the deep end. I've got a photo of the car above (numbered 91g) but have no idea who it was or what happened to him and his car. The experience either made him stronger or scared him off for life. Any info appreciated. Also who were the other members of the team, I assume 8g was Bruce Harding and 69g was Glen MacIntosh but 5g and 9g are a mystery.

The other fading memory is of the 25p coupe that is in the background of the Palmy team photo (still on the carrier, I've done a magnified version below of that pic to help identify) that appeared in the consolation races on the second night. I can remember the commentator making jokes about how rude the car looked in it's bright orange and green paintjob but when it hit the track he had the last laugh as he laid into the locals and won one of the heats with ease! Who was driving and what happened to this 'ugly duckling' car?

I've had a small search around the internet and found some photos on Ian Abrahams old site of the Standard Stock Teams Nationals in 1998 where it appears the Huntly Raiders won the title.

If I've got any of my dates or info wrong, let me know by email or put it in the comments box at the bottom of this posting. As always thanks for any help or photos.

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Photo supplied by Wal86, Allan East.
"Hi Greg, talked to Graeme Ward and he said he thinks it was Allen Easts car because Allen transported the Pumas cars up there, whether he drove it or not he could not remember. "

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gregobro,
I have a feeling that 25p was Brian Parfitt. Somewhere in my cupboard I have a Palmy programme from that season, so I'll try and dig it out.
The car itself looks like it's something out of Wellington, but I could be wrong.
Cheers, Tim Savell

Anonymous said...

I would never say Tim is wrong, because he seldom is BUT after looking at it a few times the name Allen East keeps whacking me in the back of the skull. I do stand to be corrected tho.