Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mercer tank update

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After I mentioned the Space Tank of John Mercer in an earlier posting, I received a few pics from Gavin Evitt who is a member of the Historic Stockcar Club and edited the 'Siderail' magazine.

Also efforts to track the car down have been successful with a posting by Cuzz12h on Macgors, but no new pics so far, see message below:

"...Went around to hillbillys house last night to look at this car, it was ex Dane Condor and the motor is now poked (heads). Rather than spend time to repair the old 221 ford V8, it will be replaced with an EA Falcon 6 and will be back racing before the end of this season. Hillbilly was surprised to see the photo of what this car use to look like in 1986 as the car has had some major changes over the years (front nose change, side rails and bumpers). Chassis still looks mostly original.

Thanks to Gavin for these new shots.

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Anonymous said...

From the man himself (Dr John) it was known as 'the barge'.