Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Super Saloons and super painful!

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I'll keep this update fairly short and brief due to injury!

I decided to venture off to the NZ Super Saloon GP last Saturday following on from the Modified version the week before only this time I knew the field would be full of stars and the action aplenty.

I wasn't going to be disappointed, two groups from every corner of NZ racing over two heats to qualify for a one race final for the coveted NZ Grand Prix title. I actually liked the format for this championship with the 'all or nothing' one race final.

There was a big crowd in attendance and the meeting was well run and pretty slick although the stand-in Flag Marshall had some moments during the evening including waving a yellow flag instead of the white flag for a last lap and some confusion with some of the starts but as I say I think the usual guy was missing. Also it was great to have Jamie McCarthy back behind the mic, this guy really knows how to hold a meeting together and although the regular guy does a good job, Jamie has just got that 'X-factor' that makes the difference. Hopefully he will be employed during the NZ Superstock champs as he's usually up with the play and has alot of background info which the crowd appreciates, specially at the big meets.

I have to say Super saloons have never been one of my favourites, I think it's just a throw back to your upbringing when Dad used to take us to WP in the 70's, there was only saloons and stockcars and you either like one or the other and I've always been a stockie supporter but in recent seasons the big saloon meetings have never disappointed and this meeting lived up to it's title.

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A full review of the meeting can be found on Percy's website including the controversial final lap in an excellent report. At this stage 67s Bunter Pierce is the winner, but I believe protests have been lodged with the other two podium finishes being 34t Ray Stewart and 38a Peter Hemi. Whatever the result the meeting was a winner and the drivers involved certainly did their class proud.

Anyway the meeting was a goodie although I left with a slightly sore back which worsened over the next 24 hours until I ended up having to visit the Auckland Hospital emergency department on Sunday. End result 3-6 weeks off work, a neck brace and barely able to move, my trip to the World 240's at Rotorua now off and planned visits to Meeanee and Palmy on shakey ground... harden up young man, who would of thought watching Super Saloons could hurt so bad! Timing couldn't be worse and I'm gutted but anyway I guess I will be logging onto the Macgor Discussion Board like all the other unlucky non-travellers this Friday and Saturday for reports of all the action...

Anyway I hope it's a great meeting (I know it will be) but not like 'too great' okay!

Meeting rating: 6/10

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