Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Book Club 2

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Stock Car Racing
25 Years at Palmerston North
Gavin Rosvall
Stylex Print

This book was released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of stockcar racing at Palmerston North in 1988. It details the background of the first race on February 23, 1963 with fourteen brave drivers (the first chapter) up until the release date of the book. Gavin Rosvall had the unenviable task of compiling the history of one of the sports proudest clubs in times when records weren't meticulously kept. Every season has been covered with plenty of photos and even includes major statistics and listings of the registered drivers and officials. The 1982/83 season had a staggering 54 stockcars registered to the club.

There are profiles and recollections by drivers, promoters and supporters. The book finishes with the announcement of the anniversary year 'new look' Panthers team to take on the Hawkeyes, Evan Mooney (Capt), Dave Evans, Robin Briggs, Robin Wildbore and Norm Dempster as the reserve. They lost by the way.

Once again all the photos are in black and white, the overall quality of the book is pretty good and was purchased at the Palmy Fan Van for $10 which is excellent value for such a sizeable book (240 pages). My only gripe is that there hasn't been a follow-up but I suppose the logical step would be a '50 year anniversary book' in 2013... I hope Tim Savell has started writing!


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